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Please enter the foods that you normally eat. The aim is to record what you normally eat on a day by day basis so pick a day that reflects this. Please keep in mind that the more accurate the answer, the more accurate result for yourself. This is confidential and no one else will see your results.

Most people eat habitually so recording one average; normal day of your life is beneficial in reflecting your overall eating pattern. However feel free to write ‘or’ this food….

Also include the methods of preparation (boiled, fried, baked, steamed, canned, frozen), condiments (tomato sauce/ketchup, butter, cream in coffee).

Do remember to record any other snacks that you may eat – you need to record everything you eat regularly. If you skip meals – write skip.

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Your diet will be personally analysed by Naturopath Philip Bridgeman or his personal assistant and their advice will be sent directly back to you.
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