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Philip has a unique health and healing formula. The teaching blends the practical areas of natural health and nutrition with God’s health principles from the scriptures.  This blend of the natural and the spiritual aspects of health and healing (including the supernatural) cause his teaching to be truly holistic. He considers Spirit, soul (mind) and body in health treatment. The combination of natural and supernatural understanding on health is the most profound healing potential available to us today.

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"A Life Changing Breakthrough” I had bad eating habits since childhood and struggles with my weight since I was young I tried so many diets some of them work for a little while. And I just drop-off the wagon What works with Daniels Diet is that it combines god’s word the truth and practical principles on how to lose weight at the same time fit in line with modern nutrition. I’ve had my breakthrough with that. I did Daniels Diet for a Period of 1 Month now I’ve lost a total of 30kg... it’s been life changing for me. Daniels diet just really educated me in a practical way. My energy levels gone up so much. I usually suffer from bad heartburn and constipation but now Daniels Diet has healed me.”

A diet plan that’s been ‘tested’ successfully for over 2000 years and will work for you today!

This diet is based on the wisdom of ‘Ancient Scriptures’ and modern day nutrition. This diet bridges the gap between Bible times and Today and you can benefit from all that wisdom.

The 5 Foods That Are Your Main Suspects.

This Book gives you a 3 step plan to overcome food allergies. There are 5 common foods you must know about to overcome your symptoms.