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“This book is educational, empowering, easy to understand, making the diet very achievable.”

-Liz Gillman, N.D. Naturopath (Dip Nat Med)


Mould Sickness (CIRS) Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.“I have been there” and survived! I have come from not being able to work due to being too ill to now consulting and helping patients all over the world. I am fully committed and motivated to helping others with CIRS.

-The Mold Specialist

Don’t miss the opportunity of writing your book.  It changes how the world sees you. But it also positively changes the way you view yourself, as you transform into an author. We are a small personalized business and work closely with you throughout the writing and publishing process.

-PK Self-Publishers


Customers Reviews

"A Life Changing Breakthrough" “I had bad eating habits since childhood and struggles with my weight since I was young I tried so many diets some of them work for a little while. And I just drop-off the wagon What works with Daniels Diet is that it combines god’s word the truth and practical principles on how to lose weight at the same time fit in line with modern nutrition. I’ve had my breakthrough with that. I did Daniels Diet for a Period of 1 Month now I’ve lost a total of 30kg... it’s been life changing for me. Daniels diet just really educated me in a practical way. My energy levels gone up so much. I usually suffer from bad heartburn and constipation but now Daniels Diet has healed me.”
Well the benefits of concluding Daniels Detox Diet for me are: Weight loss - don’t know how much cos I never weigh myself but its visible and all my clothes are looser! My eczema has cleared up - no itching at all My skin is clearer My mind is clearer I sleep soundly My mood is excellent Not hungry no hunger pangs or cravings for a coffee etc. Thanks
P Romulus
"Being Able to Lose Weight and Feel Healthy At the Same Time" “I been on Philip’s The 6 Week Low Carb Diet for 4 weeks now and I’ve Lost 7.1 kg My energy has improved significantly. I had suffer from Sleep apnoea and chronic fatigue Usually when I diet I can lose weight but usually had to give up because I feel exhausted and tired. I cope with stress a lot better now than I used to. So this is the first time ever I just had a breakthrough and be able to lose weight and feel healthy at the same time.”