7 Great Reasons to Trust Philip Bridgeman with Your Health



At last Someone You Can Trust: Philip is globally recognized as a leading authority and trusted practitioner of Natural Medicine. He is Australia’s best selling and award winning Author.

There is so much information and misinformation around today that you need to have someone you can turn to for the right advice. Your current and future health and your family’s are vitally important, so the practitioner or health plan you follow must be the right one.

So if you need to know a little bit more about why and how Philip can help you. We have put together 7 major reasons why thousands of men and women have come to him to help them have success in their quest for health and healing.


  1. Trusted name: For the last 25 years as a highly successful Naturopath and Nutritionist, Philip has been treating overweight, health conscious and ill people by addressing their diet and lifestyle. He offers all that empirical knowledge into helping you with your health issue.
  2. Success stories: There are many, many success testimonies from Philip’s books, lectures, clinic and health retreats. They speak for themselves and you can read and see some of them on this website.
  3. Specific help is available to you: We have the capacity (means) to advise and set up a plan for you to follow as an individual, to lead you to good health and longevity. Long distance is no obstacle, so no matter where you live anywhere in the world, help is available.
  4. Prestige’s Awards: Philip’s first book “There is A Cure for Chronic Tiredness”, earned him a nomination for the Australian Pursuit of Excellence Award. This has led Philip to be an internationally known author, naturopath and speaker, and a sought-after advisor on natural health issues. Recently he has written several books, two are best sellers and one is an award winning book in USA.
  5. Christian beliefs: Philip is a Christian and many of his clients and followers appreciate that. People often say things like…‘Philip you are Christian like me and that makes me feel more comfortable talking with someone that understands my physical and spiritual side. Some one that is not into weird and occult practices.’
  6. Word of mouth & Privacy:   Clients (patients) constantly say; ‘Philip I consult with you because; I have read your books and follow your health plans; you are an experienced practitioner and really know what you are talking about’. And because you are a qualified practitioner I know that ethically this means every individual case is kept private, so I can share my private issues with you.
  7. Gives you peace of mind: ‘I appreciate that you treat the body – mind and spirit when looking at my health. I believe that to be truly healthy we must be healthy in these three parts.’


More about Philip

Why Philip Is So Different?

Philip has a unique health and healing formula. The teaching blends the practical areas of natural health and nutrition with God’s health principles from the scriptures.  This blend of the natural and the spiritual aspects of health and healing (including the supernatural) cause his teaching to be truly holistic. He considers Spirit, soul (mind) and body in health treatment. The combination of natural and supernatural understanding on health is the most profound healing potential available to us today.

Over his years as a Naturopath and Nutritionist Philip has come to the following conclusion:

Firstly, the connection between your lifestyle and what you DO and DO NOT eat is of primary concern in the treatment and prevention of sickness and disease.

Secondly, the relationship between your environment and stress in relation to your health cannot be overlooked.

Thirdly, we must consider the human spiritual side in treatment of physical and emotional disharmony. If your physical body is sick and tired then it affects you spiritually and vice versa. You take your spirit with you wherever you go and in the condition that you are living at that time. Your mind, body and spirit are inseparable. Disease therefore is often a result of an imbalance between mind, body, and spirit.                            

Philip offers you a health plan to suit your needs. No matter where you live in the world – through modern technology he can help you.

Philip has many health and healing books, based on his personal experience and in some cases the bible. Two of his books based on Daniel (Chapter 1), and his clinical experience have been a very effective tool in helping people with health issues. The sheer volume of success stories proves it. He has received literally thousands of successful testimonies from people who have lost weight, regained energy and been healed of various health problems, simply by following his health plans.

 In 2011, Philip’s second book, Daniels Diet (renamed The Daniel Way To Weightloss) became a best seller and won a prize in the prestigious American ‘Living Now’ book awards. The third book, Pure and Real - a Time Tested Way of Life, is also a bestseller.

A personal note from Philip: 

My interest in studying natural therapies has spanned the majority of my adult life. As a practitioner with expertise in a variety of professional fields, I have more than 25 years of successful clinical practice, a wealth of knowledge and extensive firsthand experience of the profound benefits of changing your diet and lifestyle.

My formal qualifications include a Bachelors of Science (BSc) in Health, a Diploma in Naturopathy (ND), a post-graduate Diploma in Herbal Medicine, and an Associate Diploma in Theology.

With my theory of ‘Food for Medicine,’ I have helped pioneer the establishment, and expansion, of modern day Natural Therapies within Western Australia and now globally.


I love doing seminars and teaching and as a presenter I encompasses both practical and spiritual subject matters, and am available to speak at business meetings, professional associations and church groups. I regularly travel across Australia and Asia communicating the message of health and wholeness. Feel free to request my services for seminars or talks in your community or church.

My private naturopathic practice is located in Western Australia. Private consultations are available, both in person and for overseas and interstate people through long distance consultation via Skype or phone.

Please visit at www.wisdomforhealth.com and discover other helpful health and wellness books that will change your life.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/restoringgodshealthplan/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thebridgemanway

Phone: 08 93672195

All the best with your Future Health & May God Bless You

Philip Bridgeman ND, BSc