What People Say

Philip’s specialised weight loss program, formulated from over 25 years in clinical practice.

‘I can confidently and unequivocally state that this diet plan works – WHY? Because not only has it worked in the Bible but today I have thousands of success testimonies which prove it’.



"Hi Philip
This year I have done the 10 day Daniel Diet now called  ( The Daniel Way To Weight Loss) again but continued it for 20 days.
With moderate exercise I found not only did I lose weight but my muscle tone
improved noticeably.  
My skin improved so much friends were commenting on how healthy i looked.
The more I read the Daniel Diet Lifestyle from cover to cover the more helpful
information and motivation I found. I have researched many other opinions to nutrition, but your Daniel Diet detox and lifestyle is still current after all these years and covers all the areas that the other approaches are only just discovering.
Isn't that just like God, His way is simple, easy and works.
Well done Philip and thank you."
Much Grace
Have the best day


“Successful completion of  The Daniel Way To Weight Loss 10 day Daniel Diet, 6 week Lo Carb and 10 day Daniel Diet and feeling wonderful.  My husband lost 7kg, myself 3.5kg and our son around 6kg.

Filled with a new desire to eat well and keep on track. Lo carb diet has helped me see new ways of cooking and realise that carbs (especially potatoes etc) do not need to form a part of every day eating.”

Blessings and thank you!



"Hello Philip,

I have received your lifestyle book and thank you for your words; I am looking forward to showing my friend who introduced me to Daniels Diet. 

 I have now lost 5 of the 6.5kgs I had put on (in 5 weeks) .  Whilst the weight I had gained stimulated my revisiting Daniels Diet - The Daniel Way To Weight Loss  ( I know most people would think I was not overweight the way I was) I have realised how far I went away from natural food, and the enjoyment of it. The 10 days broke cravings, and whilst I do indulge, its not every day (which was happening) and when I do, I "eat clean" for the next couple of days, and enjoy it.

Thank you for re-focussing my health needs.




"I have read so many different blogs, books, articles about weight loss that instead of being super informed I am just totally confused!. I have tried everything!. the Shepherds Diet, counting calories & macros, and others I just can't remember as you can tell by my stats...none successfully!


However - Weight Loss Coaching with you Works as I had great success on your program 6 years ago.6 years ago you helped me lose weight, I got down to just under 70kgs & a stock-standard size 12. I'm now 92 kgs and a good size 18!


My son gave me $200 for my birthday to buy some new clothes. But..I have several wardrobes full of clothes that don't fit me! So, I thought the best use of those funds would be to put it toward my health & weight loss goals!. So, here I am. (again)"


"Dear Mr. Bridgeman, this letter is to thank you personally for the help you have given me. I have recently returned from having accupuncture in sydney. May i say that the pain relief you gave me was quite substantial and out of all the doctor's, specialists and surgery i had, you were the only one who even came close to the origin of pain that i was having. This gave my doctor in sydney an indication of where the problem was.
Alternative medicine is drowned upon by a lot of today's modern doctors; I had nothing but the best of care whilst being treated by you and would recommend anyone to you.
Thank you Mr. Bridgeman for all you've done. It means a great deal to us."

“Dear Philip, This is a letter of thanks to you for showing me the way to a healthier and happier lifestyle. as you know, I have suffered with both kidney and gallstones, for although I lead a healthy way of life now, This was not the case in the past.

For years I ate virtually what I wanted, which included heaps of fatty foods, along with an abundance of milk products (especially cheese) and loads of sugar, to name but a few flaws in my “before” diet. Then, as a result of eating such foods, I put on more weight than I ever wished to gain, which, along with other stressful teenage situations,

This led to weight gain and finally to sickness, eventually diagnose as both kidney and gallbladder stones. After being offered no other solace but a surgeon’s knife from my doctor. I sought after your help. This led to me following your prescribed diet, along with the consumption of a certain herbal tincture. Followed by the dreaded (BUT DEFINITELY WORTH IT) Olive Oil Treatment. Amazingly I pass 30 Gall Stones!

I feel better than ever and intend to carry on with this lifestyle and diet even after all my “stones” have gone.”



"Two weeks ago I did the 10 day Daniel Diet with 3 of my friends. We Cooked/ did meals together. After It I definitely went back to 1 or 2 cups of Coffee a day (but with organic almond milk i.e. whole cream milk) and I Added eggs and a little bit of meat. But since then I've stayed away from sugar, gluten and anything processed. (Or anything that has ingredients that I can't pronounce). Just whole foods/clean foods. One of the major things I noticed is that when I have dairy it instantly makes me feel very unwell - so I'm staying away from that."



"I am pleased to report and give many thanks for the books diet information as currently I a= m a more alert, active and energy filled 74.2 kilos and feel much happier and healthier. The excess= s sluggishness and weight has come off gradually with making my diet much cleaner and nutritious eating food for fuel and not for comfort.

I have been doing it steadily and consistently and am continuing it along with exercise as a new lifestyle each week I have seen God helping me to also address my triggers for bad food and underlying issues of healing. From 80.5 I have progressively dropped 79, 77, 76.5, 75 to current 74.2 with the combination of diet and exercise experiencing new wholeness and vitality.  Thank you again for writing the very life changing and helpful books and I know I have waved comfort eating and bad eating patterns a BIG goodbye. God is so good to also teach and change so much of my mindsets or self talk tooooo."

God Bless 



"Hi Philip, I love your books and today I'm at day 10 of the diet! And couldn't feel Better have lost 2kgs but didn't have a great amount to lose, so I'm happy with that!! Every part of my body has responded to this detox so THANK YOU!. I will continue on this healthy lifestyle change with the inclusion of lean meats and fish and am no longer slave to foods that kept me captive and sick! Praise God!

Thanks again for bringing such powerful information to print you have changed my life!   

Kind regards



"Dear Philip    

Here are some of my results from your Daniels Diet diet now called the Daniel Way To Weight loss . . . and I'm on day 10:  1. My clothes grew - (ha) they are now too big for me 2. I'm not as stressed - (I LOVE this part) 3. I haven't used my APAP machine for 4 nights - no snoring!!  WOW - this is HUGE!! 4. I just plain "feel better" than I have in a long time 5. I have more energy (Who knew?!!) 6. I lost 9 pounds as of this AM (WHAT??????)  YES - I'm shockingly pleased! (but the scale is still too high!)  7.  I don't miss chocolate as much as I thought I would - another shocker! 8.  Prayer combined with this Diet is a real winner and is SO important  I read the "Post Diet" section of the book last night again, and yes, I'll start with eggs, and fish, but I'm gonna go another week on Daniels Diet - before I do that cuz I'm so excited with my progress. Oh, I discovered a hummus (made from garbanzo beans, cilantro, garlic, lemon juice etc). and it's all editable on the diet, and it's SO good, but can't eat too much (a little goes a LONG way) cuz it's HOT!  Great on salads with lemon juice mixed.   Remember your squash soup recipe   Well, leave off the broth, (steam the squash) and add the curry/onion/celery - Mmmmm nummy! I need to find a way to make vegetable stew - I'm thinking I could just do the "no peek stew recipe  without the meat and use fresh tomatoes, onions, green peps instead of the canned stewed tomatoes."    

Thanks so much....



"Hi Philip.   

I weighed myself and took a measurement.   Weight 93.2 And Waist measurement 125 cm   (the starting weight was 96.2 and the waist measurement was 132 cm which should explain the subject heading). Though eating my salad while my family had fish and chips and went on and on about the quality of the chips didn't help. Still...3 k's   IT WAS WORTH IT, though I know I'll never be a Vegetarian, Daniel's diet ( The Daniel Way To Weight Loss) will always be a major part of my life from now on. Oh best of all. I managed to start walking again and where I used to stop for a ten-minute sit while I let the dog have a sniff/run around then head home.... I walked right past the spot by the second day (a minute sit on the first day's walk) the next day I made it thirty meters past it, then a little bit further.... the next I did gardening, and the pain though is there is less."    

Bless you.   



"Hi Philip I am just writing to thank you to you for being open to the Holy Spirit & writing Daniels Diet (The Daniel Way To Weight Loss). I Have tried many diets, eating plans over the years, = but have never been able to sustain them, mainly because of cost  I am 61 female & At the beginning of this year I was 111.30kg.I have an under active thyroid. I had had a knee replacement last year in June which I regard as successful, & was waiting for the right knee to be = done, then I got ulcer on my right leg, which just would not heal &kept getting bigger up too 5x5 1/2 cm, also I couldn’t walk far without getting breathless.

 I did the detox & lost 7.8 kg I have since carried on with the eating plan = & are continuing to lose weight last weigh in on the 9th Oct I was 93.50 & = have lost a total of 84cm a total of 17.80kg.  I am now delight to say all those physical things do not exist praise God. I can now look at my self in the mirror & say thank you God you heard my cry.  Also my relationship with God is growing so much.  Thanks once again"

 Kindest regards  



"On day 6 of the Daniels Diet Detox now called the The Daniel Way To Weight Loss, been so good with disciplinary in when I go out if its to a function or just visiting fam & friends to stay focused & at work also no skinny lattes for awhile...but so far into my day 6 i have lost 6.2kg’s, its is the only Diet that has really worked for me & it is a biblical one so yes thru Him all things are possible, I ponder on Daniel 1:vs 15-16 that’s what gets me thru this everyday! ...Whooo hooo thanks to Philip Bridgeman helping to pave a healthier lifestyle & to my sisters Karen Mulipola, Susan & Ulata. You gals are so inspiring to watch the last few weeks in your journey. The thing is u fall of the wagon its just as easy as jumping back on & keep on going its a 10 day detox, but u can make it longer if u wish...I had my test's done in the weekend & I been advised to detox a tad longer which I am happy with it. This will only help me in the long run so will go to Nov 3rd.But life is for living...lots of love to u all out there & trust me & the gals and many others will also testify its easy to follow u have to want to do it... "



"Woohoo well today has been such an awesome start to our day. I have just had my diet 'weigh in'.  I have been on Daniels Diet (THE DANIEL WAY TO WEIGHT LOSS) for the past 23days and have also set a new record...it's been the best 23days with my three friend who have been doing the detox with me.  I have lost 21 kilos and 15cm of my waist just in that 23days.  My blood sugar readings were a high 10 now they are at a wonderful 5.   And I feel the big improvements in myself and I feel I am just on a natural 'high'. I truly recommend Philips to anyone out there cause it does work and you will notice the difference as I have tried so many diets and never worked but this is the one I'm sticking to cause YOU will see the results."      



“Hi Phil, well just an update to our celebration feast last night ,omg we had a full plate and all 3 of us only could eat half and desert was incomplete as well and me personally my body couldn’t take the food at all that it just came straight back out of me also the food triggered off my asthma instantly, it was horrible, then had the worse nite sleep or two hours of it at that, then my whole body was aching, all the bones felt like I had just done a marathon and I felt that pain in my knees I hadn’t felt in weeks....so now we all decided that no more and just to carry on with this detox but would like to keep the 23days and then check-in with our results with you. I also would like to know if you have anything for my asthma and anything else I could drink to help with my dehydration as I do drink a lot of water. Thank you so much for everything Phil, you have changed my life in such a short period of time and I have been so ill for half of my life and it was just the simple things put into action to become healthy and full of energy i hadn’t felt since I was in my early 20s,thank you once again,” 



“Hi Philip     

 I want to give you my testimony from following your Diet plan. I read your other testimonies on your web site and this encouraged me to buy your book Daniels Diet THE DANIEL DIET TO WEIGHT LOSS. I did the diet for 14 days and lost 7kg on the scales; 8 cm off my waist- 11 cm off my hips - 2 cm off my arm and 3 cm off my thighs. This is so great and I also have stopped craving junk food. I don't 'need' to eat after my normal meals any more. Also my moods have improved. I want tother people to know so they can be encouraged and they can get good results. “ 

Thanks so much  



"I have lost 7 Kg in 12 days on your Daniels Diet ( The Daniel Way To Weight Loss).  I also have been exercising every day and have lost 7.5 cm off my waist.  I feel great on your diet and am so impressed, I intend to keep on your low carb' diet to lose a bit more as I have nearly reached my goal weight."    

Thanks a million



“Hi Philip, I have visited you once before while on holidays in Perth from Sydney. I loved your books and feel so much better after doing Daniel's Diet. Have implemented so many of the principles into our families daily living and we can see the benefits. Thank you!!”



“I recently found out about this approach to health and weight. I thought I would give it a try. I am amazed that I have lost 7 pounds (I'm emailing = from Washington state in the United States) in 4-1/2 days. 

Thank you for what you do.  I want to share this information with some of my friends and acquaintances.”



“Dear Philip, Thanks so much for your book which has inspired me to change my eating and drinking habits. I have been eating more healthy and drinking green tea and have lost 7kgs in the last 6 weeks. I am amazed that my mind and body are so much better for it. I no longer crave sweet or savoury things. I have been a testimony to my husband who now drinks some green tea as well! I am very grateful to you as I have now detoxed and am so much better for it. Thank you”,