"Am I Allowed To Eat Oils On This Diet?"

The old saying ‘there are good oils and there are bad oils’ is true. In other words – yes, oils are good for you but it will depend on which ones you use. Remember no frying oil while on this program. But uncooked (raw) oils on your salad and vegetables are highly recommended. You can’t go wrong with cold pressed Olive oil, Mustard seed oil, Flaxseed oil, Sesame oil, Coconut oil. With all oils and nuts there is the chance of rancidity especially Flaxseed oil. Always make sure that when you purchase flaxseed it is kept refrigerated at the time of buying. It’s easy to test if they are rancid. Simply taste it, if the taste is bitter, it’s rancid. Take it back to the shop and get a refund or another bottle.

The safest oils you cook with after Daniel’s Diet are coconut oil and olive. On Daniel’s Diet I use organic olive or flaxseed oil with apple cider vinegar, garlic, cayenne pepper and other natural spices (use whatever combinations you prefer) as a salad dressing. I also use it on my steamed vegetables to enhance the taste.


"Can I Eat Dried Fruit On Daniel’s Diet?"

You can eat some in moderation and if they are sun dried. You don’t want to be eating sulphur dried fruit as the sulphur can cause health issues.


"Can I Eat ‘Health Bars’ On This Diet?"

No! I know you probably lead a very busy life, and these so called health bars are very convenient to have on hand. It can also be confusing because they are promoted as a health food snack. However many of these bars are so loaded with gluten, which is a highly allergenic substance for many people with sensitivities. They nearly all contain loads of sugar, therefore they aren’t any better than eating a candy bar. Remember I discussed fructose corn syrup (HFCS). This chemically converted, non-natural, corn-based sweetener can have negative effects on health. This form of Fructose is metabolized to fat more than other sugars, making it clearly fat-promoting. Other bars contain the artificial sugars also mentioned previously.

Post Daniel’s Diet you can look for a ‘top’ quality, dense protein and gluten free bar if you need to.


"Can I Follow Daniels Diet if I am Breast Feeding?"

The answer to this is both 'yes' and 'no'!

The 'yes' part means you can use the Daniels Diet as your dietary foundation or base. After all it is what we should be eating anyway, so all those vegetables, fruits and seeds will be great for the mum and baby. NOT NUTS (eating the occasional nut may be ok but not daily as this may create a nut allergy in the child later). Also I do not recommend eating soy products during breast feeding (more information in my second book). 

However (the no part), when breast feeding you don't want to go through a sudden 'detox', as this may release toxins out of the mother and through to the baby. The mother hopefully has cut back on a lot of the harmful foods mentioned already, and if not then slowly begin to cut down over a few weeks. I suggest if you haven't already, start the Daniels Diet, but do a modified version. This simply means adding to Daniels Diet some good quality protein, e.g. adding daily one or more of the following; Fish, free range eggs and chicken/turkey, including a little red meat (two – three times a week). Also some whole grains in moderation. This way you are having the best of both worlds and then when you stop breast feeding you are going to be healthier (and baby too).

Part of the 'no' factor is that you don't take any of the detox herbs when breast feeding (or if pregnant for that matter). You should be taking a multi vitamin/mineral, a probiotic and non farmed fish oil. The recommended protein shakes are also ok.


"Daniel’s Diet Allows Lots Of Fruit – Doesn't This Work Against Weight Loss?"

The idea of this diet is to encourage people to start eating more fruit because the statistics show the general population does not eat enough fruit. I want people to want to eat more fruit in short and long term, to get in the daily habit, instead of modern day sweets etc. This is much better for your health, weight and longevity.

Fruit has healing nutritional and cleansing factors in them, that can’t be ignored. I am well aware of low and high GI (Glycemic Index) factors found in fruits. In other words - it’s far better to eat fruit with high GI than it is to eat refined carbohydrates etc with high GI. Some people can choose to just eat the low GI fruit if they want to. If you are battling on-going weight problems it’s wise to know all the foods with High GI and definitely cut them down, especially the non-fruit ones. Buy or find a book in your local community Library on High/Low GI (Glycemic Index) if you are interested in pursuing this topic.

However I suggest you eat lots of variety even if it’s just for the ten days you are on this diet regime. If you are not losing weight after the ten days then this issue should be looked at and changes made to suit individuals.


"What About Rice Milk, Oat Milk, Coconut Milk And Soy Milk During This Diet?"

No its best not to use any milk substitutes during the ten days. If you choose to have any – coconut milk would be best. After or post diet is a different protocol.


“Will Daniel’s Diet Help My Health Problems?”

Yes it can. The philosophy behind these lifestyle changes is to free the body of blockages so it can respond properly and create the right environment so that it heals itself. Many positive results will happen if you give your body the chance to right itself. The Daniel’s Diet does not cure or treat any disease specifically. Its primary role is to be a catalyst for the body’s powerful regenerating and rebuilding capabilities through detoxification. Improving the body’s natural immune function and experiencing weight loss are (simply put), a few of the wonderful side effects of Daniel’s Diet. Daniel’s Diet is the first step in getting you on the road to change so that many symptoms of ill health are diminished. Adding supplements enhances your body’s ability to fix itself.


“Will Daniel’s Diet help if I suffer from food allergies or intolerances and what will happen if I choose to do nothing?”

Most allergies or food sensitivities come from wheat, grains, dairy, sugar, soy and junk foods. Be careful of nuts, even though they are recommended on this diet, people can be allergic to them, and you don’t want to be eating too many. By going on Daniel’s Diet you avoid most of the common allergens and so it will help you very much. If you have allergies, intolerances or food sensitivities and you continue in the lifestyle you are currently in the symptoms will either remain constant or in most cases, become progressively worse or even create another symptom entirely. A continuing allergy weakens your immune system causing the environment inside your body to become susceptible to diseases. As you get older different sicknesses or symptoms usually manifest. You only have to look at the hospitals to see how overloaded they are with multiple modern disease factors. If you do this diet and continue on a moderation lifestyle you can prevent a lot of future sickness in your life. Now is the time to act. Make choices for yourself or they will be made for you. Even a moderate change will make a moderate difference. So a radical change will make a radical difference.


“What If I Don’t Lose Weight?”

There is always a reason if you can’t lose weight. You just have to find it. Doing this diet is not a waste of your time even if you don’t lose much weight initially. It will still help detoxify your system and make you aware of the underlying reason working against your success. Often the reason is physical, but sometimes it can also be emotional or spiritual. Finding the core of the problem is part of the aim of this book. If you pursue your individual issue then healing and weight loss will eventuate. Whatever you do, don’t just accept your situation. If you desire to get well and do something about your weight, you will get results. I have had people consult with me after seeing multiple practitioners and researching many avenues themselves. Invariably they find the answer to their individual problem, if they keep seeking the answers. I believe God will direct your footsteps if you are willing, and reading this book may well be the answer to your prayers, but even so you still have to do your part. You can’t pray the calories or sugar out of your triple sized hamburger, soda and fries – we wish!

I often have patients specifically fly across the continent or drive over ten hours for a consultation. Yet others complain if they have to cross the metro area. Priorities, determination and commitment will get you powerful results. I often say that ‘if’ you follow my instructions and work with me, eventually you will get your desired result. It is the ‘if’ part that seems the hardest issue. (I discuss all the reasons for stubborn weight loss in detail in my second book - Daniel’s Diet Lifestyle).


Case History

A very overweight lady completed Daniel’s Diet and after ten days she said she felt a lot better in herself but had not lost any weight. She decided to do another ten days because she was feeling good but she still lost only a very small amount. I suggested she consult with me privately so that we could find the reasons why she wasn’t experiencing weight loss. The result showed she had multiple long-standing health issues. I decided a Hair Tissue Analysis was needed and requested she check her Resting Basal Body Temperature* for four mornings in succession to check for sluggish metabolism (thyroid). From this simple test we discovered she had an under active thyroid. She also needed hormone and liver support. Now we were getting to the root cause of her problem (thyroid, liver, hormones and self-image). The hair analysis showed that she had mineral imbalances and had excess copper and lead in her system, which we needed to rectify.

Treatment with herbs and minerals commenced and she slowly started to lose weight from then on. We were still using Daniel’s Diet as the foundation of her treatment but adding some additional healthy protein to the diet. The self-image improved with some counseling, and her success at losing weight helped here also. *Refer to Chapter Five for more details on how to do the Basal Body Temperature Test.


“What About Exercising During Daniel’s Diet?”

I suggest that in the first few days you take it very easy and just rest or walk at your leisure. Give your body a chance to put all its energy into the cleansing that’s going on. Depending on how you feel, if you feel great then you might like to keep up your normal exercise regime. For those who are not feeling so good, I would recommend complete rest until the symptoms pass. Do not start out on a huge exercise program if you’re not used to it. It’s wise to do all things in moderation and in their right order.


“Is Daniel’s Diet Advisable During Pregnancy?”

No. I would not advise any pregnant woman to do the diet unless under medical supervision. Although beneficial to the mother, it’s not clear about the effects of toxins being released on the fetus. Daniel’s Diet per se may not be advisable but certainly a healthy modified diet would be. In other words, eat a diet based on vegetables, fruit and seeds, with the addition of fish, eggs, complex carbohydrates and lean meat, but always be under a doctor’s advice just to be sure. No nuts (eating the occasional nut may be ok but not daily or regularly as this may create a nut allergy in the child later). Also I do not recommend eating soy products during pregnancy (more information in my second book).


Contraindications To Doing This Diet

Some diseases and conditions will prevent people from following this diet.
These illnesses and physical states include:
• Diabetes
• Serious heart disease
• Epilepsy
• Severe anemia
• Pregnancy
• Anyone on psychiatric medication
• Anyone physically or emotionally fragile or run down
There is, however, no need for anyone to miss out on improving his or her health through dietary change. All you have to do is adjust the foundation of this diet to suit your individual situation. For example, if you are physically run down and weak, start by doing this diet for one or two days at a time and as you improve build up to three or four days until you can manage what is beneficial to you. You can do what I call a modified Daniel’s Diet. This means the foundation of your eating is what you have learnt in this book but you simply add some other healthy choices to it. Examples add fish, eggs, some whole grains. If we use common sense and wisdom we can always improve our health situation.

I am encouraging Wisdom For Health so if you are in any of these categories, are taking strong medication, or are unsure, please consult a medical practitioner or naturopath before starting Daniel’s Diet. I believe that taking responsibility for our own health, together with herbs, medicine and prayer, will always give hope and offer the potential to be healed.

There are many testimonies from people who have been healed of various diseases by following a strict healthy lifestyle program. Never give up if you are in ill health. “Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be open to you.” In my clinic it’s the people who stick with my treatments, the ones who continue over a period of time and don’t give up who will always get the results they are aiming for.

This book will start the process of health and healing for you. If you follow God’s Principles for Health, you are allowing your body to heal itself. It’s been designed that way. The only criteria being that you have to do it. There are no short cuts to long-term health and weight loss. You have to take responsibility for it. Go on and start now.