Costing and Instructions

How long it takes: It takes 10 days for your hair sample to be sent from you to my clinic in Australia (from outside Australia). Then a further 2 weeks to get the results and have the consultation. Total processing time is; 3 -4 weeks. Australia and New Zealand processing time is 2 and 1/2 weeks.

Costing: $259.00 which includes the HTMA test valued at $140.00; a personal consultation providing you with the interpretation of the results and outlining any strategies required rectifying any problems. Also a specific toxic metal detoxification protocol tailored to your individual needs and ongoing support.

Costing for USA is less: $197.90 as I can arrange the test locally in the US so you have a different pricing and prescribing system. Time is also less - within 2 weeks. The cost therefore in USA is lower.

Instructions for Taking Hair Samples:

Follow these instructions when taking your sample:

  1. Cut hair with clean stainless steel scissors. Thinning scissors can be used on short hair.
  2. Cut small amounts of hair from the nape of the neck and/or several other locations on the back of the scalp.

Cut hair as close to the scalp as possible. Then measure about one inch or two centimeters from where it was cut on the head. Cut off the rest of the long hair and throw it away. Using even shorter hair is excellent. In other words the first inch to inch and ½ is best for testing – so trim off the longer parts.

  1. If hair is treated or coloured, wait six to ten weeks and take a sample from the freshly grown untreated hair. Ideally your hair used will be free of chemicals, i.e. colors, perm solution and strong shampoos (anti dandruff) and conditioners. However you will be required to indicate which brand of shampoo is used. (The best one to use before sending in your sample is Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.)

Amount of Hair:

  1. The laboratory requires a half a gram (0.5 gm) or about One Heaped tablespoon of head hair for testing.
  2. If the sampled hair is less than 4cm long, keep all of it for testing. If the hair is longer than this, cut off and keep the 4cm of hair that was growing closest to the scalp (discard the excess).

Do not mix different types of tissue samples, e.g. do not mix head hair with pubic hair.

How it works!

  1. Place the hair sample in the envelope provided, or to save time (recommended) place your hair in a clean paper envelope or place in a clean, dry snap-lock bag or sachet. Write your name, age, height, weight and female/male, what shampoo you are using before taking sample and state if from your head or pubic area.
  2. Place the envelope with your hair sample inside another envelope addressed to my clinic and post.
  3. 2 weeks from this stage I will have your hair report back. The process involves your hair being sent to a Laboratory where it is analysed and the results sent back to me.
  4. I then contact you via email and we arrange a time to have a consultation. During the consultation I will recommend the necessary supplements for you that are indicated from studying your hair report and any other relevant information that comes from your case history.
  5. I post to you the protocol we have discussed along with a copy of your hair profile report
  6. 3-4 months later we do another test to see the results and tweak the supplementation if needed.

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