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We at PK Self Publishing specialise in Health subjects, Biographies and all Christian topics (including children’s stories). We capture your story, business ideas or manuscript and create your finished work in paperback and EBook.  

Philip (the P in PK) has vast experience as an Author, Clinical Nutritionist/ Naturopath/Herbalist, Bible College Lecturer, and Minister. He is the author of nine books; two are bestsellers, and one has won an award in the USA. Kriste (K) is a technical, artistic and computer expert. Joining together our experience and expertise, we have formed PK self-publishing company.  Our heart is to help you get your manuscript into an eBook or paperback format, whatever stage it may be.  We will professionally typeset – format, and publish your book on Amazon KDP (Kindle), IngramSpark and all major platforms. We will design a high-quality book cover and communicate with you during the process.

We would love to help you fulfil your dreams and reach more people with your message through writing and publishing your books.

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You have something to share with the world ( a book) – so let's go tell it! We are a small personalised business and work closely with you throughout the writing and publishing process

From whatever stage you are at right now we can help you. So even if you’ve got one chapter sitting on your computer’s hard-drive, notes on paper, a talk on audio, ideas in your head or a finished manuscript ready to be made public..

Don’t miss the opportunity of writing your book.  It changes how the world sees you. But it also positively changes the way you view yourself, as you transform into an author.

100% Retain All Rights

Higher Royalty Rates

Complete Creative Control

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Don’t Put IT Off.  Your time is now, and join other self publish authors impacting the world with their words.

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We will professionally design a book cover for your manuscript that is up to the standard with the publishing platforms. A well-designed book cover are vital to your success as an author.


You have a book in you or you have an idea, Not to worry we can help create your manuscript for you. You keep 100% Copyright and Royalties


Professionally prepare your manuscript for publication, ensuring consistent font styles and sizes, appropriate headings and subheadings, and using correct indentations, spelling and spacing


Imagine the thrill of becoming a published author and holding a copy of your book in your hands. Your book will be live in different popular publishing platforms

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Manuscript already Professionally Edited, Proofread, copy edited ready for publishing

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Only an outline of a book or half written and need our help in finishing the actual writing.

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Needs Help, Advice, Encouragement and Support to write your book from start to finish.

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