How to Overcome Food Intolerances and Allergies

“Philip what is wrong with me; I have all these symptom – bloated stomach, pain and discomfort in my tummy, gas/flatulence, occasional reflux, loose bowel (or constipation or both) – I’m tired all the time, get regular headaches … and I don’t know what is wrong. My Doctor just gave me a reflux tablet but it’s not fixing the problem.

I thought I had food allergies BUT I went off bread for a few days and even milk but it did not make any difference, so it can’t be allergies. So I keep eating the same foods because it doesn’t make any difference …”

You need to read on BECAUSE you do have a food INTOLERANCE and the problem are related to WHAT YOU ARE EATING. This EBook will answer all your questions and give you the tools to fix your problems.

This Book gives you a 3 step plan to overcome food allergies.

There are 5 common foods you must know about to overcome your symptoms.