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I highly recommend a fat-reducing program that has proven successful with my clients for more than 30 years. This user-friendly program provides a solid weight loss plan with delicious and easy-to-follow recipes, helping you avoid the negative impacts of “yo-yo” dieting and achieve long-term results. Additionally, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and understanding about how to attain the body and health you desire. The program was developed by renowned author Philip Bridgeman, ND. BSc.



A Weight Loss Program That Works

As a natural health practitioner and Life Coach for over 30 years, I have designed a specific healthy weight loss program, “6 Week Low Carb Diet with Intermittent Fasting”.

Do You Want TO…

• Lose weight AND remain healthy?

• Keep the weight off?

• Stop feeling hungry?

• Stop craving sugar?

• Overcome emotional eating?

• Regain energy And make the most out of your life?

The plan I offer you is the most successful fat-reducing program I have ever used in over 30 years of clinical use. It is also the most user-friendly and easiest to follow, and it will suit you!

A Real Weight Loss Program: 

With many tasty and easy-to-create recipes.

This diet will help you avoid the damaging effects of ‘yo-yo’ dieting. Gain long-term results and receive knowledge and understanding on creating the body you want to see and the health you wish to feel.

Best-selling and award-winning author of ‘Daniels Diet’ – Philip Bridgeman, ND. BSc.

Working with Jesus to lose weight