Mould Remover and Tile Cleaner


Enviroclean Plant Based Mould Remover and Tile Cleaner

Tough on mould, calcium and limescale. Natural and biological acids attacks and contains mould at the source while leaving the surface sparkling clean. Suitable for shower screens and recess, sinks, tiles and floor.
NO Phosphates. NO Chlorine. NO Synthetic Dyes


Mould Remover and Tile Cleaner

This all-natural formula without harmful chemicals is rich in biological organic acids to effectively remove moulds in your ceramic tiles. It also ensures that no bacteria, algae or viruses will stay in your surfaces to keep them shiny and clean. with no caustic chemicals, no chlorine, no phosphates, no sodium lauryl sulphate, and no propylene glycol! enviroCare Mould Remover & Tile Cleaner uses biological organic acids to do the job, and it does so much more than just remove mould and clean tiles – it also takes care of rust stains and calcium deposits, and it works on glass and metals like aluminium, chrome and stainless steel, so you can use it on all of your bathroom surfaces and fixtures. It’s even a natural antimicrobial agent that kills mould, bacteria and algae to help keep problems from recurring.



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