The 6 Week Low Carb Diet


The question from those wanting to continue pursuing Weight Loss after undertaking the Daniels Diet is ‘what do I do now I have concluded the 10 days diet’? I wrote this book as the answer. If you follow Daniel’s Diet with my 6-week low carb diet, you will continue losing weight. 

The 6 Week Low Carb Diet


Do you want to? 

Keep the weight off 

Stop feeling hungry 

Stop craving sugar 

Overcome emotional eating 

Lose weight & remain healthy 

Regain energy & make the most out of your life 

With so many products and weight loss systems in the market place how do you decide what is right for you? Nearly every person over 15 years old has tried a diet of some description, some people tell me “you name the diet and I’ve tried it, and I am still gaining weight?” I encourage you not to give up even if you have tried nearly every diet known to mankind. All you need is a plan that you can trust and suits you. My goal is to supply you with that plan.