Pure and Real Recipe Guide

10 Day Vegetarian Food Plan

A Healthy day by day eating plan to complemint the hugely successful 10 day Weight loss and Detox Diet: Pure and Real- the Time Tested Diet.

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Quick and Easy Meals- For the Busy Woman A 7 Day Meal Plan (Ebook)

QuickandEasy MealsAre you - too Busy, too Tired or too Stressed to have time to prepare proper meals? Then this book will help you.As a Naturopath I consult with so many people, especially women, who are just too busy and too tired to prepare proper healthy meals. It’s literally just too hard for them. So I have developed This 7 Day Diet Plan to help make life easier.

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Are You Tired, Lethargic & Can’t Lose Weight? (Ebook)

smallThyroidThe most common symptom that I see in my clinic is people feeling ’run down’, suffering from Low Energy, Tiredness and Fatigue. Followed closely by and often in conjunction with; being overweight. A lot of these people who consult with me suspect they have a sluggish metabolism, but are not sure.

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5 Common Foods That Cause Bloated Stomachs and Embarrassing Flatulence (Ebook)

Common-Foods'What is wrong with me? I have– bloated stomach, pain and discomfort in my tummy, gas/flatulence, occasional reflux, loose bowel (or constipation or both) – I'm tired all the time, get regular headaches … and I don’t know what is wrong.'

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